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Welcome to the Science Clips web site. We feature clip art and graphics from many of the domains of science studied at the K-12 levels, including Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Astronomy. Enjoy the numerous graphics on our site, all free to download and use. Click on the categories in the directory to the left to browse our clip art collection.

We are working to expand the site to other science domains (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) -- contact us if you have images you wish to contribute. Our goal is to provide easy access to quality graphics for those interested in the sciences. In particular, we are committed to improving the quality of graphics available to K12 teachers and students of the sciences.

Copyright Disclaimer

To the best of our knowledge, all clip art and graphics shown on this site are in the public domain. These graphics come from public clip art sites and user contributions. So far as we know, none are bound by copyright restrictions. If you see a graphic that you know to be under copyright on the site,
notify us and we will remove it immediately.

Feel free to use any of these images for personal or non-profit use, but do not link to them directly. Save the graphics and load them to your own server. If you do not know how to do this, follow the directions below.

How To Add Science Clip Art To Your Web Site:

  1. First, download the image from our site to your computer by clicking the right mouse button on the picture and choosing Save Picture As... or Save Image As...
  2. Next, upload the image to your own web site.
  3. Finally, add the following HTML code to your web page:
    <IMG SRC="imagename.gif">

    Substitute the name of the graphic you chose for "imagename.gif". Please be sure that you always download the image to your own computer. Do not just link to it on our server, since it slows down our ability to host these web pages.

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